The Music Project is a project partner of the Toronto Arts Foundation, a registered charity. We require support and donations to continue our subsidies. 60% of our students receive our highest subsidy based on income. Donate Today. Apply your donation to Special Initiative: EAST END ARTS and type “FOR THE MUSIC PROJECT” in the message box. 

100% of your donation goes toward programming. 

You will receive a tax receipt from Toronto Arts Foundation.

a IMG_2067 (1)We require your financial support to continue our program. Every penny you give or raise goes directly to arts education and musician support. Donate directly, throw a fundraiser, and spread the word! Cheques can also be made payable to The Music Project, and sent to 17 Orley Avenue, Toronto, M4C 2B8.

We’re grateful for the generous seed donation from Sony Music Canada, Toronto Arts Council, The Joe and Betty Gray Foundation, and our Program Partner East End Arts. Grayson Matthews provided TMP with a substantial programming donation as well as in-kind arts partner support, allowing us to bring our children and musicians into their music studio. Their support was transformative for our programming capacity.



















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