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  1. How do I find out more about what you offer and if my child is old enough?
    • We accept children from JK through high school. Children begin in Music Foundations, then move onto Glee and percussion, and finally into instrument classes in grade two.
  2. When are lessons?
    • Download our schedule of new beginner classes here: TMP 2019_2020 BEGINNER SCHEDULE.
    • If your child has instrument experience, please contact us for assessment and placement.
    • Lessons are Tuesday and Wednesday after school at Secord Public School.
  3. How much are lessons?
    • Lessons are based on income, between $2 and $18 a lesson. All our lesson fees are subsidized.
    • We rely on donation support in order to offer our programming to the community.
  4. How do I register?
    • Registration procedures are available here. If you ever have any questions, email info@eemp.ca or call 416-540-5640.
  5. How do I pay?
    • You can pay be etransfer, credit card, or cheque, payable to The Music Project.
  6. Do I have to register for the full year?
    • Yes. Due to the nature of music lessons, the experience is cumulative, and we require a registration commitment for one year (September-June).
  7. What if my child doesn’t like it?
    • We’ll make every effort to work with your family, but we understand that from time-to-time these things don’t work out. You can withdraw your child with a pro-rated refund until the first week in October. After that, we’ll assess on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Do we need to practice?
    • If you are taking an instrument (ukulele, piano, guitar, percussion), you will need to practice. The more you practice, the more you will get out of lessons and the more fun it will be in-class! We find that even 5 minutes a day makes all the difference in the world.
  9. What if our family is too busy to practice or practicing isn’t a priority?
    • We’ve developed two streams for your child if regular practice can’t be a part of your life, but you would still like to have music education. Please look into our MUSIC FOUNDATIONS and GLEE streams.
  10. Do you have instruments for practice?
    • We have a limited number of guitars, ukuleles, and pianos to purchase (subsidized cost) or rent on a first-come first-served basis. Please contact info@eemp.ca to request or find out more.
  11. Can we take a sample lesson to see if we like it?
    • You are welcome to take a free sample lesson in September, providing there is space in the class. Contact info@eemp.ca to schedule a date. Please note, our classes fill up very quickly and these are only offered provided there is space in the class.
  12. Are your lessons private?
    • We begin all students in small group lessons. If a child shows particular diligence and progress, we make a select number of private spaces available each year. Please speak to Miranda for more information.

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